How to make money on the Web in the future

Danilo Diaz Granados

Murthy Nukala is an expert on making the Internet produce money for his clients. That is, he is founder and CEO of Adchemy. Adchemy is a company dedicated to providing a better online experience for consumers by giving large brand companies the right advertising technology.

In an article entitled “How will the web monetize in 2020”, Nukala addresses the probability of change and the possible face the internet landscape will bare in these upcoming years. The future, he says, will be very different as users begin to rely more and more on devices other than their stay-put computers. This is why mobile technologies will set the pace in 2020.

Right now, mobile devices are a very important part of the internet market. According to Chris Dixxon, mobile apps can be organized into four categories: Time Wasters, Core Utilities, Episodic Utilities and Notification-Driven Apps. In the future these same categories will define how the Web is monetized.

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